Shooting the beautiful game

By Ellis Wiffen

Metres from the touchline, with a telephoto lens which transports them just yards from the ball, a football photographer gets closer to the action than anyone.

Raheem Sterling of England celebrates his goal
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The Roof Terrace: Story Nightclub’s newly renovated rooftop bar

By Lily Hill

The world has been patiently waiting for over a year to open completely, and for the nightclub industry this has been a very difficult time, but Story Nightclub came up with an idea to push into this post COVID-19 society. 

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Recording an album during lockdown has helped with the creative process, says Cardiff band

Rachel O’Brien

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has halted all live shows and stopped many musicians getting into a studio to record new music. Cardiff band, Red Telephone, managed to get into the studio in between lockdowns last summer, and I had a chat with them about the process and the difference between recording before and after the pandemic took over the world.

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Music and Sport – How one Rugby League star uses music to get match ready

Jordan Curtis

As the gyms re-open across Wales and we get back into our old exercise routines, will you be packing your earphones when you’re preparing to work out?

It’s no secret that many of us use music as a motivator when exercising – in 2019, research published in the Psychology of Sport and Exercise Journal found listening to upbeat music can improve your performance during high intensity exercise. But what about those who compete at the highest level?

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Indoor Rock Climbing – Post Lockdown

All indoor fitness centres opened their doors again on May 3rd, after being shut since before Christmas. Most people would be thinking about gyms and swimming pools, but for me and a certain group of people, we were excited for the indoor rock-climbing centres to reopen. After missing out on it for the best part of a year, I was eager to get back to one of my biggest hobbies and sports.

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Love and Death in the Time of Ancient Greece

Hades Wallpaper featuring Zagreus

By Megan Richards

Hades may be one of the most accurate depiction of Ancient Greek sexuality in visual media according to an expert. It’s also an award-winning game that allows you to punch the minotaur.

You play as Zagreus, the son of Hades attempting to escape the Ancient Greek underworld. Escaping isn’t easy, you will die and restart your attempt many times. Each time with different weapons and powers. Between escape attempts, you can build up relationships with your friends and family. Two relationships can become romantic relationships.

Hades Wallpaper featuring Zagreus
Hades’ main character Zagreus. Image Credit to Supergiant Games
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The Dark Side of The Sims

Wallpaper of the Sims 2

By Megan Richards

The Sims is a colourful life simulation game with quirky characters. But behind that shiny veneer what hides beneath?

Wallpaper of the Sims 2
Credit to EA

The Sims franchise are a series of life simulation games. The player creates a person known as a Sim, or a family of Sims. The player customises the sim‘s personality and appearance. The player then either makes or buys them a house. Otherwise, the player can choose a premade family. The player then plays out that sim’s life. The game’s graphics are bright, colourful, and cartoonish. Sims are bright caricatures of humans. A helpful overlay tells you information on your sims. This includes their life goals, statistics like hunger or sleep, and their relationships. Since 2000 there has been four main entries in the series, several spin off series’ and 81 expansions. The original creator was Will Wright, one of the lead creators of The Sim’s City games. The idea came to him after his house burnt down.

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